February 10, 2011

 To our discerning gentleman! 

Welcome to Aleeva and Friends, we hope that you are ready for a passionate affair!!!

 Intelligent, charming and skilled in the art of slow sensual seduction…my friends exude the essence of feminine style and sophisticated companionship!

 Light up your life with passion and pleasure and join one of my ladies in an erotic experience, only to discover the warmth of their engaging and playful personalities!!

 At Aleeva and Friends we guarantee never to lose sight of the fact that your satisfaction is paramount. It is my pleasure alongside with Amber, my assistant, to work closely with you to ensure a memorable date!!!!!!


Kisses from Aleeva



 Montreal by night is an adventure waiting to happen, in this section we will be sharing with you the more avant garde locations! We will be adding to this list on a regular basis!

O.Noir…Already the rage in Europe, Australia, LA and New York now O.Noir…in Montreal first ever restaurant that invites you to experience food, drink, and conversation like never before – IN THE DARK!! A sensual dining experience!

1631 St. Catherine West
(514) 937-9727